In 2007, Our daily routine began how it often does, another normal day as usual. Pre-stretch warm-ups before we started exercising and lifting weights. It wasn't anything new that my good friend and work-out partner needed a cup of joe and a little more time before we got down to business. I on the other hand didn't drink coffee and I never needed an extra boost to get me going. As I waited for him to brew his Folgers, we started joking around, good nurtured banter was an everyday theme. "You're lucky, Islanders got that All Natural Energy, and Strength!" "Samoans come out the womb lifting weights." We both laughed, comedy at it's finest. I in turn decided to go along with the joke and blurted out "Hey I should make a drink and call it UCE JUICE." Long story short in a playful and joking manner birthed a thought. That thought lead to an Idea which turned into a dream!

Today we are making it a REALITY!